Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taylor & Clayton` Seawatch, Wailea

Taylor and Clayton are such an amazing couple! Taylor emailed me a while back about her wedding (she found me through a referral on the knot) and I knew she was such a sweetheart from her emails. Taylor was such a lovely bride and Jessica Waite did an excellent job on the girls makeup. The ceremony was performed by Pia Aluli who did a beautiful job! Their reception was at the Seawatch.

Taylor and Clayton were both were so fun to work with all day. You could tell they really allowed themselves to relax enjoy their wedding day. They were so naturally beautiful both inside and out. I feel extremely lucky to be a wedding photographer and to meet people who are so in love. I get to share their most beautiful day with them. It's the best job in the world :) Shaina came and assisted me and did a great job. Thanks Shaina for all your help. Taylor and Clayton, congratulations! If and when you move to Maui, let's do some fun portraits :)

There's a slideshow at the end - make sure to check it out.

I have been just so into sunflare lately: (see below)

Shaina captured this lovely image below:

The next image was taken on my canon 5D MII which at 6400 iso and my video light. Without the new technology that canon has to offer this image would not have been the same - I'm loving the high iso capability!

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