Monday, April 6, 2009

Kaimana's 1st Birthday

It is unbelievable that Kaimana is 1 year old already! Time flies so fast and I am in shock. It feels like just yesterday that he was born. Now I know why people tell you to enjoy every moment because they grow so fast. He's no longer a little baby anymore but a sweet toddler that is now walking and communicating and eating and just growing up! We had a lovely celebrationg up at Keokea Park in Kula. Thank you so much to Maria for taking all these lovely shots of us. I am forver greatful for these memories!

He really didn't want to pose for the camera haha - typical baby:

table decorations that Aunty Pam created! Thank you so much Pam! The flowers were beautiful!

We got a horse to take the kids for rides and it was a hit with the little ones:

Kaimana was a little unsure about the horse after a while:

I grabbed the camera for a bit and shot the next several shots:

Maria and her man, Nick - aren't they so cute?!:

My sweet, cute adorable nephew Logan:

This shot is just classic to me because after a long day, we slept over at Aunty Pam's and Kaimana was sleeping on this sofa chair and out of nowhere he propped himself up and was sleeping sitting up. I grabbed my camera and snapped this one. It was taking at iso 12,800 (the new 5D mark II is insane that way!)

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Events by Evonne said...

Happy b-day, Kaimana... Ahhh, I wish I can sleep just sitting up like that! It's amazing! Seems like a really fun day...