Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mike & Bernice

Mike and Bernice's wedding was amazing! I haven't posted on my blog in a while because I've been trying to catch up on editing a number of photo shoots but I am excited to share these images from the wedding and there are more blog posts to come very soon. If you have been following my blog you probably saw Mike and Bernice's engagement photos last month. Mike is Kawika (my husband's) first cousin. I was the photographer/guest at their wedding and it was so much fun working with them and also celebrating with them (I even threw in a photo of our little Kaimana) . Mike and Bernice - I wish you a wonderful marriage!

Just a side note: They decided to take their portraits before the ceremony. Of course, I understand when couples don't want to see each other before hand and I never want to pressure anyone to do this but if you are at all thinking about doing this, I totally recommend it for a couple of reasons. The bride's makeup is fresh (no tears or lipstick marks on the cheeks), you don't have to worry about your guests waiting and you can set aside a good amount of time for photos (the more time you allow, the more amazing shots you can get), and it gives you a little time together before the ceremony to relax and enjoy each other's company - of course I will be photographing every moment of it as well :)

Isn't Bernice a stunning bride?!

Our nephew, Koa:

our son Kaimana: (he was super smiley in Kawika's arms) he's such a happy little guy :)

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